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Take a little trip around our part of the Northern Neck in pictures.

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A large number of people that we have talked with to over the years have commented on the name of our address. The general comment is... "sound like a beautiful place" and we allow that we think so.  We thought that it would be a good idea to show our friends and customers some pictures of our area.

We move here from the Washington, DC metro area some years ago to take advantage of the wonders of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

To put the Northern Neck (NN) into some national perspective the map shown here gives an idea where it is with respect to Washington, DC and Richmond, VA.  The Big Black letters "HAGUE" (HAY - GA) is about in the middle of the NN.  The NN is between the Potomac River on the north and Rappahannock River on the south.  The area has a great many  smaller rivers and bays throughout its length and hosts one of America's prime wild life areas.  The Potomac River is typically several miles across the length of the NN.  Near Hague ships were built and launched throughout the 1700s.  George Washington and Robert E. Lee were born in the NN.  The NN has a relatively small population. Many small farmers are spread thought the peninsula.  Watermen fish for the   the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab and native oysters.  The rivers are mostly tidal along the NN and many different type of salt water fish inhabit the local waters.

If you are up the creek around here, this is what it might look like.

[Up the Creek Picture] <Click.

A variety of swans inhabit our area.  Here is a year around pair.

[Local Swans Picture] <Click.

[Don't forget the kids] <Click

Eagles are all over the NN.  A picture of an Eagle flying near our offices can be seen in the middle of of this Picture

                                                                                                     [Eagle picture] <Click.

Sometimes the Sea Gulls come in in large flocks, just for the heck of it. 

[Sea Gull Flock Picture] <Click

The Osprey come in early spring, sometime around mid March.

[Osprey in the tree]

Before Ospre come the Loon.


April sees the return of the Hummingbirds.

[Hummingbird and feeder]

Do not forget the ever present Blue Herron a year around site..

[Blue Herron who the indians call Awk]

The sky is also awesome in the NN too.  Sunrise, sunset, day and night the sky can be fascinating. The night sky is clear and the milky way is bright and there are many areas where you can be surrounded by the stars.  The clouds and storms bring character to the day skyies too.  Here are some sky shots. 

Sunrise in the early morning the sun just peaking over the trees about 3/4 mile away.

[Sunrise]< Click

    Two Rainbows.  Ever see both ends of two rainbows at the same time?  Take a look at his.

        [Two Rainbows Pictures] <Click

    God paints the sky with a storm.

        [Storm Sky Picture] <Click

And he steers it down and from across the river from Maryland.

        [Storm from Maryoand] <Click

    The Sun and clouds combine to provide some interesting opticsin the heavens; a Sun Devil.

        [Sun Devil Picture] <Click

    No wind, smooth water, and a fantastic sunset and wow!

        [Sunset 1 Picture]   <Click

    Sun, sand and water makes for great summer play.  Our local fire department sponsors a Poker Run for boats and their owner and friends each year.  Here is party and boating on the Potomac for you.

        [Party and Boating on the Potomac River] <Click  and Back Key to return>

    On the Lower Machodic comes a wide variety of weekend high speed watercraft drivers.

        [Watercycle]  <Click

        [Super Noisy Racer]  <Click

        [Everpresent center console fisherman..and in our case the local fireboat    <Click

        [And the weekendender Go Fast Boats]    <Click

      This gives one an idea of the the area and living on or near the water.  This view is typical in the summer.  An August day 1n 2009........ 

        [August on the Lower Machodic]<Click and Back Key to return>

     Winter is typically mild but when it gets cold, this may greet you in the early morning.  this is earlu January 2010, and "yes" that is frozen salt water (typically freezes about 28 degrees F.

        [Winter come to the NN]  <Click

    But if you live here, full or part time, This is a geat way to start the day .

      [ A Nice way to start the day] <Click

    One of the interesting things that happen in My Northern Neck is the watermen Drudging (Dredging)for Oysters.  There are several oyster plots in Lower Machodac Creek.  Small commercial, individual watermen that fish for various species as the seasons change and large Commercial Companies that licence oyster grounds over a number of locations.    One of my first encounterss with drudging was an older gentleman who would row his small boat to a place across from us and use very long set of tongs that he would jam into the creek bottom and draw up some bottom and oyster.  Clearly s strain on the back when done for hours at a time.  

Here we prest two small videos.  The first is of a Large local oyster company laying used oyser shells on the creek bottom to build an oyser ground.  This is a facinating process process that mimics in some way of VDOT trucks sanding a road.  The second is of a waterman using a small boat to Drudge his licence and the technology is not as back breaking as it used to be, thanks to the use of some basic technology. 

     [Drudging for Oysters on Lower Machodac Creek]

Note the two large oyster containers in the middle of the boat and the two men working an oyster dredge(drudg).

    [Oysterman plying his trade in a small work boat]

An area that is not thought about very much is the building of docks.  One of the primary issues is the driving of pylons for the dock this is typically done with a floating piule driver.  We bring you one in the picture below.

    [Floating pyle driver]



We will be adding more pictures and views of the Northern Neck from time to time and hope that a view into our little part of the world brings some joy to your visit to our site.